Identiv uTrust 4711 F Contactless USB Smart Card Reader with SAM (Secure Access Modules)

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Identiv's uTrust 4711 F is a contactless smart card reader with NFC capabilities that is protected by an optional Secure Access Module (SAM).

With its all-in-one concept, uTrust 4711 F enables a smooth transition from well-established traditional technologies into emerging NFC applications, pushing new business. It represents the perfect mix between modern, stylish design and the ergonomic use of any credential form factor, like ID-1 cards, tokens, or NFC-enabled smart phones. With its protected SAM socket, uTrust 4711 F conveniently adds security to most contactless use applications. The end user experiences convenience, transaction-time efficiency, security, flexibility, and full NFC capability for use applications such as network logon, secure web based transactions, and even NFC based customer loyalty programs.


  • Modern housing design optimized for easy and ergonomic operation, even in limited space environments
  • Features contactless, Lascom, and NFC technologies for use in mixed credential populations
  • Supports major card ICs, standards, and technologies in just one device
  • Transaction time optimized with support of 848 kpbs in ISO/IEC 14443 and 600 kpbs in ISO/IEC 7816


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