16Kb Memory Card

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16Kb Memory cards (single card)

Smart Card: 16 Kbits(16,384)/2KBytes(2048) of I2C serial EEprom memory.

Card body: “Graphic” grade PVC with mirror finish front and back, printable with all dye sublimation desktop printers e.g. Evolis, Fargo, Magicard.

Size: CR-80 credit card, 3.37” (85.6mm) x 2.125” (54mm) x 0.033” (.76mm) as specified by ISO 7810-ID1. Chip conforms to ISO 7816-1,2,3 for physical and electrical characteristics. Exceeds 4000 ESD input, 100K read/write cycles.

**Usable with all Omnikey (HID) contact readers and most SCM (Identiv) contact readers. (Reader manufactures do make changes to their firmware that can affect the usability of cards in their readers at times).  Perfect for data storage of records, health informatics, loyalty, events/conventions, digital receipts, profiles for embedded systems.**

Download Datasheet

16Kb Memory Card Datasheet

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