ACS ACR39U-NF Pocketmate II USB 2.0 Type-C Contact Smart Card Reader/Writer

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About this item

PORTABLE: USB flashdrive size with Swivel Motion Design for easy and quick use

POWERFUL: ACR39 Core with smart card read/write speeds of 600 Kbps

OPERATING SYSTEM SUPPORT: Wide support of MAJOR PC OSs such as Windows, Mac and Linux

MOBILE-READY: Support of Android 3.1 (Honey Comb) and later


The ACR39U-NF Pocketmate II with USB Type-C Connector represents an ACS new paradigm. No larger than a USB stick, this smart card reader is capable of supporting demanding smart card applications using full-sized contact smart cards. It provides value and reliable functionality to meet ALL your security needs.


  • EN 62368/IEC 62368
  • CE
  • FCC
  • RoHS2
  • EMV Level 1 (Contact)
  • J-LIS
  • KCC
  • PBOC
  • TAA
  • UKCA
  • VCCI
  • WEEE
  • ISO 7816
  • PC/SC
  • Microsoft WHQL

Ideal For:

  • e-Government
  • e-Banking
  • e-Payment
  • e-Healthcare
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Network Security
  • Access Control
  • Loyalty Program
  • PIV Application
  • Physical Access Control (PACs) and logical access¬†
  • Digital Signature¬†
  • Computer-based/mobile-based environments


  • White-colored housing
  • Standard USB token size
  • Swivel Motion Design for smart card reader transformation
  • USB 2.0 Type-C Full Speed
  • Plug and Play
  • Read/write speed of 600 Kbps
  • ACR39 Core
  • Minimum of 100,000 card insertions
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Green LED status light
  • CT-API

Card Support

  • ISO 7816 (Parts 1-4), Class A,B,C (5V, 3V and 1.8V)
  • CAC
  • PIV
  • PKI Applications
  • SIPRNET Smart Card
  • MCU Cards (T=0 and T=1 protocol)
  • Memory Card Support
  • Memory-based Smart Cards:
  • I2C (free memory cards) with¬†MAX. 128 bytes page with capability
  • Secure Memory IC with password and authentication
  • Intelligent 1 KB EEPROM with write-protect function
  • ¬†Infineon: SLE4418/4428/5518/5528
  • 256-byte EEPROM with write-protect function
  • ¬†Infineon: SLE4432/4442/5532/5542


OS Support

  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10¬†
  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2008R2/2012/2012R2/2016
  • Linux¬†
  • MacOS¬†
  • Solaris
  • Android 3.1 (Honey Comb) and Later

Download Datasheets & Drivers

ACS ACR39U-NF Pocketmate II USB 2.0 Type-C Contact Smart Card Reader/Writer Datasheet (*DOWNLOADS IMMEDIATELY)

ACS ACR39U-NF Pocketmate II USB 2.0 Type-C Contact Smart Card Reader/Writer Driver Download Page

ACS MSI Installer for PC/SC Driver for **Windows OS** (*DOWNLOADS IMMEDIATELY)

ACS PC/SC Driver Installer for **MacOS 10.6** or Above (*DOWNLOADS IMMEDIATELY)

ACS PC/SC Drivers for **Linux & MacOS X** (*DOWNLOADS IMMEDIATELY)

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