ActivID ActivKey SIM USB Key with Embedded Crescendo C1150 Smart Card

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The Crescendo¬ģ C1150 USB key is a USB dongle for strong authentication and physical access control. It provides a multi-application and multi-technology platform designed to meet corporate and/or government deployments.

Offering out-of-the-box, standards-compliant support for network and computer access (such as login to workstations and laptops or web-based applications requiring cryptographically protected operation), the ActivID ActivKey SIM USB Key delivers a cost-effective solution that also eliminates the need for the cardholder to carry multiple credentials or remember multiple passwords and PINs. It also serves as an employee ID and access control for buildings.

For physical access, the cards are available in a variety of RFID interfaces to accommodate the majority of physical access requirements, ensuring maximum interoperability with existing and future deployments.

The ActivID ActivKey SIM USB Key series leverages HID Global's open and portable ActivIdentity¬ģ Applet Framework for Java Card-based devices. This framework delivers standard-based services for password protection, digital identity credentials for signature and encryption, cryptographic functions based on symmetric and asymmetric keys, personal information and network access.

TheActivID ActivKey SIM USB Key is ideal for organizations that are not yet using a card management system and comes pre-loaded with an electrical profile ready to use with Microsoft-based applications as well as¬†ActivID,¬†ActivClient¬ģ, and¬†AAA Server for Remote Access.


  • Off-the-shelf generic solution¬†reducing¬†lead time and costs as well as increase ROI
  • Support with HID Global's¬†SIO‚ĄĘ (Security Identity Object)¬†data model
  • Standard-based solution:¬†Implementation according to Java Card and global platform specifications
  • Contact-only and hybrid card configuration for ISO/IEC 7816 protocol support as well as proximity (125 KHz) and/or ISO/IEC 14443/15693 (respectively MIFARE¬ģ/ HID iCLASS¬ģ). Cards are available with combinations that include HID iCLASS, Proximity (HID and Indala), MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire EV1. Other RFID combinations can be supported on demand.
  • Large¬†available memory for credentials storage: PKI Digital Certificates and keys, Single Sign-On (SSO), passwords for Disk Authentication and Boot Disk Encryption, one-time password using HID Global's patented solution.
  • High performance¬†smart card leveraging the latest generation of smart card chips available on the market.
  • Low power consumption¬†chip (appropriate for smart card portable devices).
  • High security chip¬†(accredited to Common Criteria EAL5+. The JavaCard Operating System also integrates security countermeasures (protection against attacks).
  • Available with a¬†large range¬†of options for customizations (magnetic stripe, custom artworks, counterfeiting features, full set of programming formats for RFID)


ActivID ActivKey SIM USB Key with Embedded Crescendo C1150 Smart Card Drivers

Steps for Downloading Drivers

  1. Click URL titled ActivID ActivKey SIM USB Key with Embedded Crescendo C1150 Smart Card Drivers
  2. Select All Brands drop-down menu and find ActivID
  3. Select Products drop-down menu and find HID ActivID ActivKey USB Tokens
  4. Select All OSs drop-down menu and find your operating system

*To find out your operating system version for Windows, select File Explorer and right click This PC on the Quick Access left side panel and select Properties in the submenu. Underneath both Device specifications and Windows specifications, the OS version is stated.

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