Identiv NXP NFC Tag Starter Kit v2.0

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Identiv NFC Tag Starter Kit v2.0

Identiv SKU: 99-021-NFCKIT-NXP


Identiv’s NFC Tag Starter Kit v2.0 includes 15 (three of each type) NFC tags with NXP NFC Forum Type 2/4/5 NTAG® and ICODE® tag ICs, compatible with Android® and Apple® iOS 11, 12, and 13 devices. 


NXP NFC Tag Kit includes 15 tags (NO substitutions permitted):

  • Identiv NTAG 424 DNA
  • NXP NTAG 213 TT

OS Combatibility

  • Android
  • iOS 11/12/13


uCreate NFC App on iPhone

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