Identiv uTrust 4701 F *Dual-Interface* Contact/Contactless USB Desktop Smart Card Reader

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Formerly known as the CLOUD 4700 F, Identiv's uTrust 4701 F Dual Interface USB Desktop Reader is the ideal combination of contact, contactless and leading edge NFC (near field communication) technologies. The optimized transaction times help to achieve real tap and end user convenience and acceptance. It handles ID-1 sized cards, key fobs, any size of token, NFC labels and even NFC-enabled smartphones.


The brand new Identive uTrust 4701 F with its all in one concept enables a smooth transition from well-established use applications towards latest NFC based use cases. The reader is ideally suited for use applications like network log-on, secure web based transactions or even NFC-based customer loyalty programs.


*Contact us for the Identiv uTrust 4701F Dual Interface Desktop Reader with an Optional Stand Holder*


The modern stylish casing design together with its state of the art interoperability driven by its multi-protocol and multi-technology feature set makes the Identive uTrust 4701 F Dual-Interface Contact/Contactless USB Desktop Smart Card Reader the ideal desktop reader to easily fit in various applications.

The SmartOS‚ĄĘ powered Identiv uTrust 4701 F Dual-Interface Desktop Reader is designed to offer¬†best-in-class¬†interoperability with various formats of tokens: cards, dongles, watches or NFC mobile phones. Its in-field upgradeable firmware makes the Identive uTrust 4701 F a¬†secure¬†and¬†future-proof¬†investment, providing¬†both¬†flexibility¬†and¬†fast time¬†to market for new applications as well as minimum risk linked to contactless technology standards evolution.


  • ISO/IEC 7816
  • ISO/IEC 14443 Type A & B (Parts 1-4)
  • ISO 18092
  • 13.56 MHz
  • PC/SC
  • Microsoft WHQL

Ideal For:

  • Network log-on
  • Web-based transactions
  • NFC-based customer loyalty programs
  • Governmental use (Online tax declarations)


  • *Accepts both contact and contactless cards*
  • MIFARE¬ģ
  • CD21
  • FeliCa‚ĄĘ
  • Broadcom TOPAZ
  • NFC Form tag types 1-4
  • NFC enabled smart phones and tablets
  • Full-feature¬†support of various contactless tags¬†
  • NFC peer-to-peer mode
  • In-field upgradeable firmware
  • Multiple cable guides for flexible reader presentation

OS Compatibility

  • Windows XP/7/8/10/11 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
  • Windows CE Mobile 6.0/7.0
  • MacOS 10.10.x , 10.11.x, 10.12.x
  • Linux 2.6.x (32 and 64 bit), 3.x


Identiv uTrust 4701 F Dual Interface Desktop Smart Card Reader Datasheet

Identiv uTrust 4701 F Dual Interface Desktop Smart Card Reader Driver Download Page

Steps for Downloading Drivers

  1. Click URL above titled Identiv uTrust 4701 F Dual Interface Desktop Smart Card Reader Driver Download Page
  2. Select Driver based off current operating system and click Download>>
  3. Open file at the bottom of the web browser in the Download Bar (*Depending on browser i.e. Chrome, Edge or Firefox)

*To find out your operating system version for Windows, select File Explorer and right click This PC on the Quick Access left side panel and select Properties in the submenu. Underneath both Device specifications and Windows specifications, the OS version is stated. 

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