IoT Sensor - Safetrust

Type: Mullion HF-Only (Smart Services 10 Years)
Sale price$349.00


The IoT Sensor is the most advanced integrated reader and network-enabled sensor at the entryway and beyond. Leveraging
industry-leading security, the new sensor platform provides a cost-effective and secure migration path to a touchless
environment, exceeds the advanced security requirements of today’s dynamic environments and sets organizations up with
actionable business intelligence data.

This intelligent edge device allows end users to finally break the constraints and restrictions imposed by legacy access control
systems and choose a migration path to low-cost secure credentials based on DESFire EV 2/3 or government-grade credential
support. The IoT Sensor is interoperable with over a dozen physical and mobile credential technologies so organizations can use
the technology of their choice and easily migrate to the latest solutions as budget and resources allow. The sensor supports
NFC, including Apple Pay and Google Pay today. The device is a true multi-channel capable reader.

Safetrust’s IoT Sensor is packed with intelligent features, such as mesh network communication between devices that enable
enterprise location-based services making it possible to monitor the location of people, objects and other environmental factors.
Each sensor includes a multi-directional antenna array enabling a more precise location of users and can distinguish entries from
exits and feed that data into your business intelligence platform, regardless of your current PACS.

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