Sabre Inline - Safetrust

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The SABRE INLINE makes it easy to upgrade any existing access control system with mobile access, without giving up support
for your physical access cards. When connected between a host reader and a physical access control panel, the SABRE
INLINE enables mobile devices and wearables to be used as a replacement or in-conjunction with existing card technologies.


  • Streamline end-user experience with a single
    • Consolidate all your credentials into one secure,
      convenient location in the Safetrust Wallet app.
  • Keep using existing cards and badges
    • Maintain support for all major cards, fobs, and
      badges so you can give employees the option
      of choosing mobile access or keeping their
      existing credentials.
  • IoT Data Analytics
    • Standards based MQTT interface enables high-
      volume IoT data to be sent from supported

      devices to an authorised broker.

  • Multiple I/O Interfaces
    • Includes 5v input/output trigger, internal/external
      antennas, Wiegand, RS-485, and Wi-Fi module.
  • OTA (Over-the-air configuration)
    • Firmware updates and configuration management
      can be made over-the-air through the Safetrust
      Wallet or Wi-Fi module.
  • Configurable Extendable Range
    • Activation range can be configured based on
      environmental requirements. Where an additional range
      is required, the RELAY supports the use of external
      antennas for both the BLE and optional Wi-Fi interfaces.



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